Chrome Internet Browser

Google Chrome 27.0.1453.93


Product Name: Google Chrome

Version: 27.0.1453.93

Official Site: Google Chrome

Interface: Multilingual

License: Free


The last version 
Google Chrome is a browser designed to make the web faster, easier and safer.


    KMPlayer v3.6.0.87 Free Download

    Manufacturer         : KMPlayer

    Official website      : KMPlayer

    Year                            : 2013

    Interface                   : Multilingual

    License                       : Free


    KMPlayer is a powerful free audio and video player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats. It's a job VCD / DVD full. This program allows to expand its capabilities through a plugin, and also has a built-in audio and video codecs.

    The program has a built-in decoders and encoders, as well as various audio effects and filters, and leather. Allows you to make audio recording, video, screen capture and more. It is interesting to mention the opportunity to work directly with the content of the image files and standard archives (. Zip and. RAR). Its architecture allows integration of a variety of external filters.

      System Requirements:

      • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
      • Size 31.1 MB


        Virtual DJ 7.4 Home

        Product Name    : Virtual DJ Home

        Version                  : 7.4

        Official website  : virtual dj

        Interface               : Multilingual

        License                   : Free


        Virtual DJ is a professional DJ Studio designed for Windows platforms and Mac OS X, which will provide you with all the opportunities to experience as a professional in this field. Moreover, you can make a big karaoke performance, because the program has a very strong unit for this purpose. The program also has support for multiple sound cards, multiple monitors, 10-band graphic equalizer and many more features that will grab you immediately.

        System Requirements:

        •  Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8

        How to install:

        • Run the installer and install it.



        Game Booster Final Download

        Product Name: Razer Game Booster

        Version:               3.6.0

        License:                Freeware (Free)

        Site :                       razerzone


        Razer Game Booster is a program that can switch allows computer in igralen mode, almost with a single click. Razer Game Booster temporarily prekratâva the operations backgrounds optional and unnecessary, and cleans and operational savvy and increases the productivity of the wizard, by changing the settings of the power plan. Has the option to choose any of the startup programs to be closed, and whether to modify the power plan settings. Available and many other attractions, with the treatment that can increase the productivity of the computer.

        System Requirements:

        • Processor with a clock speed of 300 MHz

        • 256 MB of RAM

        • 30 MB of free disk space

        • Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 Full

        • Internet connection. 


        1. To install the Setup folder and choose.
        2. Register with a valid e-mail address.
        3. Confirm registration by clicking on the link, which you can PRAS via e-mail.
        4. LOGN is the e-mail address and password that you register. 


        DriverPack Solution 13 Lite download

        DriverPack Solution 13 Lite - a lite version of the most powerful manager for automated driver installation. Scans your computer hardware and offers a download from the Internet unidentified driver. Quickly, efficiently and completely FREE!
        Name: DriverPack Solution

        License: Free

        Version: 13.0

        Release Type: Lite

        Date: March 1, 2013.

        Official Page for: DriverPack a solution 13


        Official Page for: DriverPack a solution 13
        DriverPack solution – this is the most popular program to automatically install the drivers, search and free download drivers. Help drivers download for free.
         It is a versatile manager to install drivers for all versions of Windows. Unlike the built-in features in Windows 7 driver updates, this program can be used even without the presence of the Internet and to find/install drivers for devices not only popular Wender (as is the case with Windows Update).
        DriverPack solution simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on almost any computer. You will now be spared the problems of finding and installing drivers, reducing them to a few clicks.
        • Supported Operating Systems * (32-bit and 64-bit):

        - Windows XP

        - Windows Vista

        - Windows 7

        - Windows 8

        • Requirements Processor:

        - At least 800 MHz

        • Memory:

        - 256 MB RA



          WhatsApp Messenger For Android v 2.9.4764

          Manufacturer: WhatsApp

          version : 2.9.4764

          File Type: APK

          Supported phones: 
                  all with Android OS 1.5 + more


           WhatsApp Messenger is a program that allows you to exchange messages and calls with your friends without having to pay for it
          WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular applications for mobile phones in the world and the most widely used of instant messaging and smartphone users. This free tool allows you to communicate with your contacts, send and receive messages and share files of different types. For your convenience, you can create group chats to communicate with multiple friends at once. All you have to do is create a group, give it a name and choose who you want in it. You'll also be able to send pictures, audio or video files to your contacts and you will be able to cancel the uploading of images and sounds before the process is complete.

            How to install:

            Submit your phone via Bluetooth or USB cable. You have to start the installation yourself.

            Download it now


              Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.202 For Free

              Product Name:   Adobe Flash Player program

              Official:                Adobe Flash Player

              Version:                11.7.700.202

               License:                Free

               System Requirements:
              • Windiws XP | Vista | 7 | 8

              • Firefox | Safari | Opera | Internet Explorer


              Adobe Flash Player is an additional function to your operating system that will allow you to watch Flash videos in the browser without having to install additional software. You can also play Flash games and use the full functionality of sites built with Flash technology.

                How to install:

                • Install the version that fits your browser


                  WiFi HotSpot Creator v 2.0

                  Name  WiFi HotSpot Creator
                  version: 2.0
                  License: free


                  A WiFi HotSpot Crater program to make your computer an access point for any device that rely on Wi-Fi.
                  You can through this program access to the Internet from any mobile device or Tablet or iPad supports characteristic Wi-Fi.

                  System Requirements:

                  • Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win XP, Win Server, Win Vista .

                  How to install:

                  • Run the installer and install it.


                    BitTorrent 7.8 Build 29545 Stable Free download

                    Product Name     BitTorrent

                    Version                  7.8 Build 29545 Stable

                    Official website  bittorrent

                    Interface              Multilingual

                    License                  Free


                    BitTorrent is a great software to use the BitTorrent protocol for sharing and downloading files using fast and easy methods, it is free and widely popular, where you can find many large sites using this protocol, with BitTorrent, you can get the best speed while downloading by basic networks be it private or public.

                    System Requirements:

                    •  Windows ® XP | Vista | seven | 8

                    How to install:

                    • Run the installer and install it.


                      Aimp 3.50.1224 beta Free

                      Product Name: AIMP

                      Official website: Aimp

                      Version: 3.50 Build 1224 Beta 1

                      Year: 2013

                      Interface: Multilingual + Bulgarian

                      License: Free

                      Operating System:

                       Microsoft ® Windows ® XP / Vista / Windows ® 7 / Windows ® 8


                      AIMP is a free, has a small size, high performance and minimal use of system resources. Thanks to the built-in programs and can be quickly recode music from one format to another, record audio from microphone to edit tags, rename and sort files, etc..

                      Supports plugins, skins and all users are accustomed to Winamp, but at the same time offer many new opportunities. In short, with its help you not only to play audio files, but also to organize, convert, burn, optical disks, and so on.

                      The AIMP support for all popular audio formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, AAC, MPC, WMA, FLAC, APE, WV (WavPack), MIDI, formats Tracker (IT, MOD, S3M, MTM, MO3), CDA (Audio CD) .

                      How to install:

                      - Run the installer and install it.


                        Google Earth Pro v7.1.1.1580 Final

                        Here latest version of the google Earth. 

                        Product Name: Google Earth Pro program

                        Version: final

                        Official website: Google Earth

                        Interface: Multilingual 

                        License: Paid

                        Recommended system requirements:

                        Operating system: Windows 7 and 8

                        CPU: Pentium 4 + 2.4GHz to or AMD 2400xp +

                        System Memory (RAM): 1GB +

                        Hard Disk: 2GB + free space

                        Network Speed: 768 Kbits / sec

                        Graphics Card: DirectX9 and 3D capable with 256MB of video memory

                        Screen: 1280x1024, "32-bit true color"

                        How to Install:

                        Start GoogleEarthWin.exe and installation.
                        Now Download 


                          Exclude Adsense ads from appearing in blog entries or certain pages

                          Although the best way to take advantage of AdSense ads is to put AdSense ads in all publications and pages on your website. 
                          Put Google Adsense Ads Inside Blogger Posts

                          But sometimes you need to prevent AdSense ads from appearing identify a specific page or private from your blog for one reason or another
                          Only a total of simple codes will solve this problem.

                          First  Control of ads listed in the Post :

                          1 - Control Panel Blogger, go to the tab: (template), and (HTML editor).
                          2 - Look for ads Adsense code, and place it between the following code:

                            <div id="GAdsense1">
                            The code of Adsense ads average

                            3 - now directed to the tab (posts), and from it to any blog post you wish to hide  Adsense ads, and click (Edit).

                            4 - HTML editing mode, go to the last lines of code, and add the following code after then  press (update):

                            <script type="text/javascript">
                            var Ads1 = document.getElementById('GAdsense1');
                            Now we have to prevent Adsense ads from appearing on this post.
                            The ads will appear on all Posts normally.

                            These codes can be applied on the pages of Entries or Static Pages.
                            These codes can be applied to any type of ads (text - pictures - links)

                            Second  Control of ads listed In Widget

                            That you have a number of Adsense ad units on Widgets, anywhere.
                            You can also prevent the emergence it of certain pages using the following steps:

                            1 - Go To  Blogger Control Panel, go to the tab (Layout).

                            2- Hover your mouse on the word Edit at the bottom of the Widget you want to exclude his appearance, and see the bottom of the browser bar to know the number Widget, and be on the body (HTML9), for example, as shown in the picture below

                             3 - now directed Tab (​​template), and it (Edit HTML).

                             4 - button (Jump To Widget), select the number of the Widget.

                            5 - you'll find your code like this ( Replace 5 with your Widget number):

                            <b:widget id='HTML5' locked='false' title='' type='html'>
                            <b:includable id='main'>
                            Codes belonging To Widget
                            6-Change the code to become like this 
                            <b:widget id='HTML5' locked='false' title='' type='html'>
                            <b:includable id='main'>
                            <b:if cond='Condition'>
                            Codes belonging To Widget
                            7 - Now replaced  the word "Condition"  with any of the following lines in accordance with  the required condition for the emergence of advertising:

                            •  To appear only on the home page:
                            data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl

                            •   To appearing on all pages except the Home:
                            data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl

                            •  To appear only on the pages of posts :
                            data:blog.pageType == "item"

                            •  To appearing on all pages except pages Postings:
                            data:blog.pageType != "item"

                            • To appearing on static pages only:
                             data:blog.pageType == "static_page"

                            • To appearing on all pages except static pages:
                             data:blog.pageType != "static_page"

                            •  To appear on a particular link in the blog:
                             data:blog.url == " Put the Link here "

                            •  To appearing on all pages except a particular link in the blog:
                             data:blog.url != "Put the Link here"

                            The codes previous can be used with any Widget whether the ads contain Adsense or anything else.

                            Download videos from YouTube with Apowersoft YouTube Downloader

                            Now download any video from YouTube without any problems by this program.

                            Name: Apowersoft YouTube
                                          Downloader Suite

                             Version: 3.2.3

                             License: Paid

                            Language Interface: English

                             Manufacturer's website: apowersoft


                            Apowersoft YouTube Downloader wing is the best program to download YouTube. It not only helps you download videos from YouTube, but also convert YouTube videos to all video and audio formats you need to watch and listen on your iPod, your iPhone, MP3 players, MP4,and others.


                            • Download video from YouTube automatically.
                            • Convert YouTube videos to any formats.
                            • Easily search for videos by entering the search words.
                            • Preview the videos that have been downloaded.
                            • Play video files with a nice built-in video player.

                            Now download


                            CCleaner 4.00.4064 Free

                            Program to clean up the remnants of the programs, browsers and get rid of temporary files and the remnants of deleted programs.
                            Keep your computer clean.

                            Product name: Free CCleaner

                            Version: 4.00.4064

                            Official website:

                            License: Free

                            Interface: Multilingual


                            CCleaner is a free system optimization tool that erases files and temporary and goes from your system as a result of which will be loaded faster and more efficient, and will release more of free space on your hard disk.

                            CCleaner is a great offer to maximize the use of your computer. Get rid of all unnecessary! CCleaner is a very effective tool to clean up temporary files and unused unwanted. Allows the operating system to run faster, more efficient and frees up significant space on the disk. You can also clean traces of your browsing on the Internet.

                            CCleaner will get rid of unused files and temporary, browser cache and cookies, and invalid registry keys, and the remnants of uninstalled programs already in place. With this little tool you can keep your system perfect, one-click clean it of all unnecessary files. Can start automatically when the computer is running to clean up.

                            System Requirements:

                            Windows 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8

                            How to install:

                            . Run the installer and install
                            Now download Ccleaner


                            Orbit Downloader Final

                            Product Name: Orbit Downloader

                            Version: final

                            Official website: orbitdownloader

                            Interface: Multilingual

                            License: Free


                            The program almost has the same possibilities INTERNET DOWNLOAD program, and in the future I would expect that the program gets ranked first in all programs loading.

                            System Requirements:

                            Microsoft WindowsNT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7

                            6 MB of free disk space

                            64 MB of RAM

                            How to install:

                            - Run the installer and install it.

                            Now Download  Orbit Downloader

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